Carrying A Shadowhawk Tactical Laser Saber For Emergency Defense Situations

Thu 24 March 2016 | -- (permalink)

A tactical laser plays a different role as compared to the typical kitchen cabinet model. They are made of robust aerospace grade aluminum. Tactical lasers are generally designed for high impact stress since they are commonly mounted to weapons such as shotguns, and most models are waterproof to varying degrees. They have anti-roll profiles and textured grips and are also small enough to fit in a pocket comfortably. In case you are looking for a light mainly for home defense purposes then a tactical laser is certainly what you shall need. It is one of those items that can be utilized for much more than you may expect and can be agonizingly missed if you lack one at the time you really need it.

Shadowhawk Laser Technology: So What Is A Tactical Laser?And When To Use It?

shadowhawk laser saberTactical lasers sabers are normally used in low-light situations. Despite the fact that most individuals conduct their firearms training during the day, bad things usually occur at night. Realistic home defense situations involve low-light movement, crucial target identification, difficult angles, unconventional shooting positions and the agitation of a life and death encounter – none of these scenarios are convenient for precision shooting.

A laser-ideally in combination with a white light- enables the homeowner to easily identify the threat, acquire a clear sight picture and neutralize the threat without diverting attention from the target back to the sights. Others such as the shadowhawk laser saber can also be used as a compliance tool. When a green or red beam of light is shone onto an aggressor, there is a likelihood that it will stop them from advancing their threat and also conceal your movement.

Emergency Situations To Use A Tactical Laser

--Identifying threats
If you are walking alone in the dark and perhaps need to shine a light in a dark place, your laser is perfect for that. Lights can easily brighten dark corners even at the back seat of your vehicle as you approach it to know exactly what is around. With the superior brightness of modern tactical lasers, you can do this from a long distance too.

Lasers can come in handy during a self-defense situation. For beginners, most modern tactical lasers are extremely bright. In case someone threatens or attacks you, simply shine the beam of light directly into their eyes to blind them temporarily or disorient them while you maneuver into position or make your get away. Also, most tactical lasers have bezel edges that are really good at striking an attacker during combat.

--Emergency situations
During an emergency, the power may go out. Having your laser with you means that you shall instantly have light during such a scenario. And in case there is an aggressor looking forward to pouncing on you during the blackout you can simply grab your laser and immediately flick it on to blind the attacker.

--When you misplace an item
A tactical laser can really come in handy when you need to find something. You can also use lasers to look down the throat of an individual to check whether they have a raging as of strep throat or tonsillitis